We are Pyramid Transport Inc.

In 1993, three friends decided to start a trucking business in Federalsburg, MD. The name Pyramid Transport was given in hopes that the name would embody the stability, longevity and solid foundation they thought a company should have. Pyramid Transport started small with only a handful of employees and a limited range of product to transport; however, by 2001, the company was thriving, Jimmy Hitchens, one of the original founders had become sole owner, and there were 19 full time employees. Once Jimmy became sole owner, he never looked back; instead he focused on a bright future of growth with a commitment to excellence. Because of that commitment to excellence and superior customer service, there was a 36% growth rate in 2011.

In 2013, Pyramid Transport was honored to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a licensed broker for the transportation industry. 

What does it mean to be a “broker for the transportation industry”? The answer is that Pyramid Transport does not own any trucks; instead we rely completely on our network of owner-operators. The owner-operators that we rely on adhere to strict requirements including supplying us with complete documentation before they are able to become a carrier. We know you trust us with your product; therefore, we only trust reliable owner-operators to join our carrier pool. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Today, Pyramid Transport employs 45 full time team members. This is our Mission Statement: To stand above the competition by providing our clients with unsurpassed service. Our team is proud to have the highest standard of personal service for all of our customers. We sell service and we are always striving to increase our service advantage. We promise to give the best attention to our customers, no matter how big or small their company.



Pyramid Transport excels in LTL and TL temperature controlled transportation. There is lot of things that separate Pyramid Transport from other carriers, including: 1) Working with us and the customer to meet the often bizarre warehouse receiving requirements. 2) Developing a game plan to work around holidays and other customer needs. The people I work with at Pyramid are honest, reliable and have good shipping rates. I trust Pyramid more than any other carrier - period.
Lars Hedahl

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