Carrier Pay Options and Service Advantages

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Pyramid Transport prefers that you submit your load paperwork and invoices using TRANSFLO Express, TRANSFLO $Velocity or TRANSFLO Mobile. This service allows you to get your trip information to us in a matter of minutes instead of days so you GET PAID FASTER.

Benefits to You

  1. Get paid faster – no more waiting for the mail to deliver the documents

  2. Free to download (small fee when paperwork is received by broker)

  3. Total control of your documents because you no longer hand your documents off to someone hoping they do not get lost.

  4. Keep your original paperwork until payment has been received.

  5. Ability to confirm that your invoices arrived for processing.

  6. You get a confirmation number immediately after sending so you know your documents have been sent.

  7. Eliminates the need to make copies before sending your documents.

Individual Owner Operators

Don’t wait until you get home to send us your documents, obtain the Pyramid Transport Cover Sheet to use for TRANSFLO Express. Stop at any Pilot, Flying J, or Love’s Travel Center, hand your paperwork to the cashier with the Cover Sheet and receive your confirmation receipt. It is that easy!  Use the Broker ID of PYDI.

Have a smartphone or laptop and scanner in your cab? Then go to or your smart phone store to download the application to submit the paperwork. Use the Broker ID of PYDIV.

When your Drivers return the paperwork, utilize TRANSFLO $Velocity to submit your invoice to us in minutes. Download the application at Use the Broker ID of PYDIV.

Pay Options

  • Regular Pay
    Check is issued and sent out using regular mail (USPS) 10 days after receipt of original bill of ladings

  • Regular Pay- Over Night
    Check is issued and sent out using express mail (Fed-Ex) 10days after receipt of original bill of ladings ($30.00 fee applies)

  • Same Day Quick Pay
    Check is issued and sent out using express mail (Fed-Ex) or through electronic funds transfer (EFT) same day that bill of ladings are received (providing we receive bills by 2pm, $175.00 fee applies)

  • Three Day Quick Pay
    Receive payments faster than our normal pay cycle for a discount (currently 1.25% off the gross amount owed at the time of payment). Payment can be obtained through electronic funds transfer (EFT) and Comdata Fuel Card.

  • Advances
    50% load advance with Comdata (surcharge applies)

All the above can also be issued using Direct Deposit (above fees still apply).

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Pyramid Transport has the ability to allow settlements to be put onto a Comdata Fuel Card.

Some of the many benefits of this card include:


  • Make Withdrawals at ATM’s

  • Use as a Debit Card

  • Request Cash Back at a Retail Location

  • Write a ComChek paper draft

  • Send money to your personal bank account

  • Discounted Tires