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Pyramid Transport  stays current with the latest technology and security measures to protect your product and our carriers. As the dangers of cargo theft increase, Pyramid is doing everything that we can to prevent you from becoming a victim of cargo theft. 

There were at least 264 incidents that involved the food/beverage commodity type in 2015. Law enforcement officials have stated that food/beverage is becoming increasingly popular because thieves can resale these items for $.70 on the dollar compared to the $.30 on the dollar they are getting for electronics. Also, food/beverage is just easier to resell than electronics. Prepared foodstuffs and beverages accounted for 29% of cargo theft incidents reported in 2015 and ranked the most frequently sought after cargo theft commodity type.


Total Cargo Thefts



Million Total Loss


Average Theft Amount

California reported the most cargo thefts of any state or province, with 158 theft incidents with a total loss value of $18.7 million. Texas followed with 130 recorded theft incidents and $12.2 million in cargo stolen. Florida was next (98 thefts), Georgia (97 thefts), and finally, New Jersey (80 thefts).

In 2015 49% of reported cargo theft incidents occurred during the weekend. Friday was the most common day for cargo theft: 21% of all cargo theft occured on Friday. 


Stolen Good: Food & Beverage


Weekend Theft


Occurred at Warehouse/DC

Pyramid Transport knows how heavily this issue is weighing on our carriers and customers; therefore, we are taking steps to be proactive. We are working directly with companies that specialize in preventing cargo theft to assure our carriers a sense of security and give our customers peace of mind. Please contact us for more information on the tracking technology we are using to help lower cargo theft statistics.


I've been with companies like Seven Seas and Seabreeze going on 17 years and have had very positive experiences over the years. Pyramid is professional, friendly, dependable and competitive. I would recommend Pyramid and I will continue to use them for my frozen transportation needs.

Christine Polanco , Seabreeze Seafoods Int'l

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